Tuesday, January 28, 2014

time for another tuesday treasury --

tuesday treasury time ---
time to take a look at some great items being made in CNY

thanks for stopping by!
happy handcrafting!


Friday, January 17, 2014

on the subject of treasuries --

i don't know about you -- but i don't do many treasuries.  i know alot of people ask how they are helpful.

i ran across this article this week, and thought i'd share it --

How to Get Featured in Thousands of Etsy Treasuries

thoughts?   maybe i'll try some of these tips and see what happens --- now, if i had more hours in the day . . .  ;)

happy handcrafting :)


Monday, January 13, 2014

treasury tuesday --

let's have some fun with treasuries and show off some of CNYs beautiful handmade items!

treasuries are a great way to promote items and get attention to items.  help out your teammates, or other treasury members by ♥ing, and promoting the treasury -- as well as the items.  people will see it in thier etsy feed and everyone gets more attention.

did you know there are tools to help you add a treasury to your blog, to pinterest, facebook and more?

the widget below comes from craftcult .
the widget that is used in the right hand side bar can be found here

the easiest way i've found to add a treasury to facebook is to take a screen shot of the treasury, and add a link to your post so people can visit the shops and such.

to add your treasury to pinterest -- try this link.

the treasury below features member of our team -- some new, and some we haven't seen in awhile.  so, be sure to visit their shops, show some love and say hello!

want to be part of treasury tuesday -- want to make a treasury to be featured?  leave me a note in the comments section below and i'll be in touch!  or drop me a convo, or see me in the threads! :)  (serenitylane)

until next time -- happy handcrafting!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

getting some help -- and where to start

ok -- so the holidays are over, and it's time to start thinking about your shop for 2014.

let me be honest with you right up front - - i need a break.  lol.  i am hugely grateful for the growth in my shop this past year, but a little down time sounds nice too. ;) let me also say, early on in this new journey together -- i don't have all the answers -- i'm learning like everyone else.  my plan for this blog is to share some things with you that i have found helpful -- but it is a TEAM blog -- so the team should be involved in it.  i hope to have plenty of opportunities for you to share what works for you and others can give it a try.    please remember - on the team page on etsy there is always a monthly discussion thread for help with any questions or advice -- the light is always on, and a pot of coffee ready.

anyway -- lol, went off on a tangent ;)

so today i went in to my shop and looked around - deactivated a bunch of christmas items (do you leave them up all year???) switched my banner -- and decided to look around at my settings and such.

if you haven't done that in awhile you may want to start there -- is your shop taking advantage of the free google ad placement?  do you have your facebook and twitter accounts linked up?

then -- for the heck of it, i clicked on the etsy apps  i haven't looked around in there in some time -- there are lots of things to play with and look at -- some are free, some are paid services -- some may be helpful, some a waste of your time --- but there are lots of things to check out -- tools to help manage your shops - to help in promoting --emailing customers, you name it -- you can probably find it.

in the comment section below -- or on the team discussion thread -- what outside apps, programs, etc do you use to help with your shop, with promotion, etc?

one of the apps i like to use is buffer.  i see from looking at the etsy app page that there are other sites that do this too --- basically, you can go into this app and set up tweets, and facebook posts to post automatically.  this was helpful for me during the busy christmas and holiday season -- i could sit down and write the posts all at once - and set the time and day, and not have to worry about it.

so -- are there things that make life a little easier for you -- share them below! :)

until next time -- happy handcrafting :)


Saturday, January 4, 2014

happy 2014

welcome to 2014!

my name is diane - from serenity lane designs, and i will be the new blogger for the CNY Etsy Team!  i'm excited to take on this task -- i have some ideas, and new things to try here!  i hope you will stop back often.

you may notice i've put a fresh coat of paint on the walls - and rearranged the furniture a bit ;)  please look around! i'm not quite finished yet -- and if there is something you think would be helpful or you would like to add, message me - -i'd love to hear your ideas!  there are some links and such on the tabs at the top of this page.  if you want to get an email when the blog is updated -- add your email to the box to the right.

be sure to check back soon -- and keep track of all the events, and the fellowship on the team page on etsy.  what are your plans for your shop/business for 2014?  have you made some goals?  how did 2013 go for you?  what worked?  what didn't?  join the discussion on our team page!

also in the discussion list you will see a thread that i have started -- if you would like your blog featured in our blog roll -- be sure to stop by and add it there.  be watching for opportunities for promoting your shop - your facebook, twitter and more - coming soon.  don't forget -- we are a team!   there will be lots of new opportunities to help promote others too!

check back soon! :)