Saturday, December 29, 2012

Keeping the Competiton Close

Did you know that is considered Spam to convo someone who simply put one of your items in to their favorites? This happens to me a lot-- I favorite an item and that shop owner convo's me to thank me and offers me 10%-20% of any item in their shop or off my total sale. I think it is nice and I generally ignore it. 

However-- there is another group out there in Etsyland that will report that
shop to the powers that be as Spam. It is written in the Etsy Rules that doing this
(contacting someone to thank them and/or offering them a sale) is a Big No-No. 

·           You must not use Conversations to send unsolicited advertising or promotions, requests for donations or "spam."
·           If someone hearts your shop/item to mark it as a Favorite, that is not an invitation to send a Conversation to that person.

I get that shop keepers want more sales- I do too. And most who do this, I am thinking consider this fair game in trying to reel in a potential customer. I do get it. 

Favorites, to me, are not so much about me loving your item. I do, for the most part, actually like the item that I have favorited. But sometimes, that is not the case. For me Favorites are a marketing tool. If I favorite your item-- then others will see that I did that and might come looking at my shop. I also am quick to see who likes your items- that might be similar to mine- and go like their shops. That helps me... because I do think that my similar items are nicer than yours and I want those people who liked your things to see mine too.  

All is fair when one is trying to get business. Circles work much the same. The saying about 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer' rings true here.. except I would say to keep your competition closer!
So, I would caution those of you who do feel the need to thank others for looking at your shop with or without an future discount to be careful.  As I said before- there is a group of Etsians who do police the place and feel it is their duty to report anyone who is not following the "code". It might be unfortunate if you accidentally contacted one of them with your discount thanks. (or even a thanks for the favorite). Etsy does not take Spam lightly.


  1. I have been contacted by some shops in the past. I always use my favorites for only things I love, funny, but I never have thought of favoriting similar shops for a marketing purpose.