Saturday, February 9, 2013

Do You Have New Items in your Shop?

Are your are sales slow?  I will be posting a series of posts about what works for me and what might work for you. This is just the first.

The time of year is probably the cause.. Jan & Feb are traditionally slow in the crafting and bricks/mortar shops.

But could it be that you are not working your shop? 

I know from past experience that I need to list something in my shop every 5 to 6 days or I come off the front page of a Google search. Everyone is different. I have a friend who also has an Etsy shop and her time frame is 3 days. Check your own times. 

I had been helping another team weed out it's non contributing members and noticed that the ones with little to no sales-- have just listed a few things and walked away. I had one lady tell me, that she doesn't check her shop until she gets an email saying she sold something-- she has been here 2 yrs and has only sold 3 things. I predict that if she continues to carry on this way-- it will be another 2 yrs before she sells the remaining 5 items in her shop! 

People-- You have to work your shops to get sales.. and that means listing new things in your shop. Think about it.. when I go to a shop.. I don't want to see that this item has been sitting in your shop for almost 4 months ( I can tell in the list view of your shop)... and basically that you just walked away. 

I get that some of you are discouraged.  But if you never have anything new in your shop-- why would I want to come back to see the same ol' thing. When you are out and about and stop into a store and they never get in anything new-- you don't go back. You write them off. And they eventually close their doors. 

I know that I only have to list 1 thing every 5-6 days.. So, when I am sewing-- and I have made say 8 things... I space out my listings. I don't have to list them all the same day. Sometimes I do.. but my shop is established and I don't worry as much.  I can list 1 of those 8 items every 5 days and still be on the front page. That is the goal-- to be on the 1st page of Google. 

I will be talking about helping you get more sales in the coming blog posts... My thoughts on what is working for me... and what I am reading on the forums that works for you.

Next post with be about Avatars.
Stay warm everyone, Linda/The Homespun Loft

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