Saturday, February 16, 2013

Come Meet The 1829 Farmhouse on Etsy

My New Interview is with Judi at  The1829Farmhouse

1) How did you come up with the name to your shop?
    My home is a farmhouse built in 1829, it has been in my husband's family on & off through the     years.

 2) What was the first thing that you created or sold that made you think- Wow- I CAN do this?
      My first sale was a soft grey Homer- Laughlin covered vegetable dish that I bought at a yard sale for very little money.  I sold it for a very good profit and was ecstatic.

 3) Who or What started you on this path?
   I believe I discovered Etsy via another blog and decided to check it out.  It was such a simple concept, although it took me almost a year to stock it after I set up shop!
 4) What is the Favorite tool of your trade and why?
      I would have to say yard sales, thrift stores and antique shows are my tools plus my love of the     neglected item along with paint to repurpose and breathe new life into.
 5) What is your best advice or tip to give another vendor?
       Stay focused, be consistent (I struggle with juggling the rest of my life with this) and keep learning how to improve.
6) Are you doing any craft/antique shows this year? Where can others find you?
   I have many of my items in a little shop called Antique Harbor in Liverpool,NY that is open Saturdays (so far) from May thru December.
 7) What is your favorite item in your shop and why?
    My favorite item is the handpainted antique dresser:
 It was a sore sight before it was beautified with a sweet paint treatment, drawer pulls and lined drawers. The mirror was found in a dumpster and married to the dresser. It would look so perfect in a little girls bedroom or nursery.

This is one of the items that I like in her shop:
                    peppermint soak, bath salts, organic ingredients, natural, one pound package
     8) Please tell us your links (ie facebook/twitter/web site etc).,,
Thanks, Judi!

Please go check out her shop and follow her links!  

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