Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Workmanship.. I have noticed both on Etsy and at Craft shows that some vendors believe that just doing enough is okay. I totally disagree. I think that if it is not the best work that you know how to do- then you should not sell it. Period.

One artisan recently wrote about how she cut costs (and workmanship) to sell her item at a "reasonable" price. Why? It takes no longer to make something correctly than it does the less correct way. For example, with sewing it takes no longer to match plaids on a item than it does to match them-- and the item looks so much nicer with the plaids matched.

I wonder if these vendors who think this way get a lot of repeat business? I would hope that everyone who reads this note... Please just do your very best. And if you know that your sewing machine is skipping stitches or you are sewing with rotted thread.or your wood is cracked (or whatever your medium is)that you just don't sell that item.

 I absolutely think it is to the vendor's benefit to have integrity when they are making and selling. And really think-- would you want to receive the item that you are trying to pass off as perfect, if you had bought it? I wonder... thanks for reading along...

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