Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Let the Interviews Begin!

Starting shortly we will be Interviewing Team members.

Christina and I have come up with some questions, that might be off the beaten path to ask. We have no special order for the Vendor shops. We hope to get to everyone and are planning on getting an interview done twice a month. (if you have a special sale or reason to get your interview done at a certain time-- convo and we will try to accommodate you).

To start off we will be Interviewing shop owners with at least 10 items currently for sale in their Etsy shops and vendors that have CNY ETSY tagged in at least some of their items. (Doesn't have to be all- I for one belong to over 30 teams and you just can't use up all your tags on team I get it.. but some of your items should be team tagged).

Every once in a bit we will interview a non shop keeper just to get their prospective too.

And Please-- feel free to convo us with any questions or thoughts on the blog.

Thanks so much.
  Linda ( The Homespun Loft )
 Christina (luckyenoughdesigns)

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