Sunday, September 30, 2012

West Hill Nook is having a sale!

Up next for Interview is West Hill Nook (Melissa Hansen). Please read all about her and her shop.. and check her announcement page-- she is having a Sale!

1) How did you come up with the name to your shop?
Actually, my husband came up with the name...We live in Munnsville which is nestled between two hills (the east and the west) We live on the west hill, hence the name.

2) What was the first thing that you created & sold that made you think- Wow- I CAN do this?

A large off-white afghan at the local Farmer's Market in Hamilton for $110.00.

3) Who or What started you on this path?
My husband, Bruce (who is ALWAYS supportive of what I do and takes genuine interest) and my friend Jessica (a local potter) who suggested I sell my products at the Farmer's Market.

4)What is the Favorite tool of your trade and why?
YARN - I am obsessed with it...I love the variety of colors and textures and love mixing colors to create beautiful one of a kind products. There are endless possibilities...

5) What is your best advice or tip to give another vendor?
Have faith in yourself and your products. Surrounding yourself with supportive and creative people can be very inspiring.

6) Are you doing any craft shows this year? Where can others find you?
I am currently at the Hamilton Farmer's Market on Saturdays 8-1

My products will be available at the Earlville Opera House Holiday Sale starting in November.

I am planning to do the indoor Farmer's Market at Madison Hall in Morrisville this fall.

7) What is your favorite item in your shop and why?

My afghans have been and will always be my favorite items. They take many hours to create and when finished are so thick and warm. I love giving them to people as gifts. When I sell one, I know I am giving someone a quality product that is comfortable and will help them relax.

And I love this:
Look how pretty this is! It looks so delicate. What a wonderful gift!

8) Please tell us your links (ie facebook/twitter/blog/web site etc).

my website:
West Hill Nook on Facebook

Thanks Melissa!
** Remember Melissa is having a sale "I am currently having a sale...20% off all items in my shop (coupon code FALL20). I am also promoting my shawls by giving one away for free. Please see details on shop announcement page."



  1. Thank you to Linda and the CNY Etsy team for taking the time to interview and promote our shops. What a great idea to interview team members and help spread the word. PLEASE let me know if I can help in any way. I am now an official blogger;)

    1. Thanks for the offer- I am thinking! (I did convo you)

  2. Melissa: I will be doing the Madison Hall market in December! I will be on the lookout for you:)
    Laura Piliero (Cards by The Blue Rose)