Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tags and Keywords

Tags and Keywords and their importance...By using them effectively--- this is how others find your shop and the items in them. This is how you get much needed exposure. This is how others find your items for treasuries. Team Tags are super important!

As I was wandering around our member pages.. there are quite a few of you that do not use Team tags in your descriptions. How do you expect other team members to find you? I for one, do not have the time in my day to go through each of  the members page and check the shops for items that I want in my treasury. With a team tag- I just have to do a search for that tag and find the shops/items that way-- so much easier. 

Another problem I have seen is that there are some of the shops that use the same tag over  again. Like "PLUS Size", "Plus SIZE" &  "plus size" (notice the caps or not)... what? They have just wasted a tag(s). When in doubt-- add in a team tag! 

Also-- you are allowed 13 Tags-- USE them all. It can only help you.  Sometimes, I run out of descriptive adjectives for my items... and then you will see some items that pretty much have all my team tags in them!

Check your stats to see what others are looking for.. take your cue from them. If customers are searching for "Teal" shirts and you sell "Turquoise" Shirts... Change your tags to include "Teal"!  

What you might think is obvious-- might not be to someone searching. Try to think in those terms. Also a tag that just says "Big".. is a waste.. Something more like "Big Bath Towel" would be better. You are allowed 20 letters in your tags. Use them. By doing this.. (Big Bath Towel) you have just put 3 tags into 1 and effectively described what you are selling. Use your caps to seperate the words.
Also the Etsy help page is very good if you get stuck for a description. Here are some sites to help:

(this is just an interesting page.. might help you decide which words to used based on the prices that Etsy sets them at).




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