Saturday, March 23, 2013

Interview with ALynnCeramics

Our next Interview with ALynnCeramics:

1) How did you come up with the name to your shop?

A Lynn is the first letter of my first name and my middle name. As an undergraduate student, my name (Amanda Chestnut) was long enough that I didn't like signing it on my work, so I chose a shortened version.
2) What was the first thing that you created & sold that made you think- Wow- I CAN do this?

I receive encouragement from one of my first customers, who is a friend of mine from high school. Lisa is also my biggest fan, and it's amazing to me to hear her rave about my work to anyone who will listen. She helps me believe that I can do this!
3) Who or What started you on this path?

 I've been making in one way or another for almost 15 years. Selling on Etsy, as well as in other venues, was a logical progression.
4)What is the Favorite tool of your trade and why?

Right now I've just discovered some copyright-free antique medical images, that I'm experimenting with transferring on to surfaces and incorporating in my work.
5) What is your best advice or tip to give another vendor?

Make what you love! As soon as you stop loving what you're making it starts to feel like work. Being a maker, if you love it, will never EVER feel like working.
6) Are you doing any craft shows this year? or are you selling in any co-ops or shops?

 I'm currently selling at Chartreuse on Park Ave in Rochester, New York. I'm planning on submitting applications to judged shows for the first time ever this summer!
7) Please pick a fave thing in your shop.. and provide the link to it.. and tell why you like it best.
This is the first large platter I ever made, and I love it. The color is great, and it has such a sturdy hand-feel. It really is very usable in the kitchen!
8)   There was so much in Amanda's shop that I love that it was hard to pick just one.

I like the simplicity of this bowl and the color calls me. I think this would go perfectly in almost any decor. How pretty would it look on a table?
blue-bowl-for-babies-condiments-or  $12.00

9) Please provide your links :

Thanks Amanda! Great items..thanks for sharing!

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