Wednesday, March 20, 2013

K. Michele Creations Interview

Thank you, Karen for the Interview...

1) How did you come up with the name to your shop?

The name for my shop has had many transformations until I settled on K. Michele Creations. I just went with my name and it just seemed to fit and allowed me to just create anything I wished without being confined to one idea since my interests vary from time to time.
2) What was the first thing that you created & sold that made you think- Wow- I CAN do this?

           The first piece I ever sold was one of my mixed media art pieces called A Mother's Love (faery edition). I had just learned about mixed media and had been experimenting with it. I was super excited when it sold.
3) Who or What started you on this path?

   I am the only one in my family who is artistic in anyway. I like to believe I got my love of creating and of handmade from my late grandmother. She was always crafting something and always had a handmade gift for all 8 of her grandchildren when we'd go and visit. But it's my whole family who has encouraged me on my artistic endeavors and who've always told me I should sell my creations. So here I am on Etsy.
4)What is the Favorite tool of your trade and why?

             My hands, they are my instrument of creation.

5) What is your best advice or tip to give another vendor?

    Be patient and be diligent. It doesn't happen over night. It takes a lot of work and diligence to build your shop. And it's something that I am constantly working on.
6) Are you doing any craft shows this year? or are you selling in any co-ops or shops?

  At the moment, just Etsy. I am looking into possibly doing some craft shows this year.
7) Please pick the fave thing in your shop.. and provide the link to it.. and tell why you like it best.

   Hello Friend has to be one of my favorites. As a kid, I'd sit outside under a full moon and just talk to it, getting everything that's been bugging me off my chest. I love faeries and this piece reminds me of those nights talking and sharing secrets with the moon.

8) I really like this print. I think it would make a really nice Mother's Day gift or something Nice to put in the Baby's room..
A Mother's Love Mermaid Edition - Original Mixed Media Art $25.00

9) Please provide your links 

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